We’re well deep into the Tradition section of the year. Do we need one? What are they for? Are they worth keeping? Why? Why not? | Shaun! You really don’t have time to go into any more food comas… do you need more help mate? | Card readings | Our new book and more!
Money! A great friend with so many mixed feelings. Spend a lot of time together, it feels great, but when we haven't seen our old shiny buddy for a while it can be hard to not feel a bit like we've been ghosted! And! Why is it possible to be MORE jaded about money the more we have?!We discuss. All that plus your weekly card readings (remember, they're not magic… but they could be helpful)
  1. Money…
  2. Replaced!
  3. Go to your mums!
  4. What's with the Glove?!
  5. Imposter !

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