Schools are a HUGE mistake Hey Dimmu

We're already the weird homeschool people, but when 3 Adelaide High school girls staged a protest that sparked a national conversation about the sexual harassment rife throughout educational institutions, our minds started racing through all of the content we've learnt from psychology, psychotherapy, psychedelics and culture studies. The theory that emerged totally rocked us. And it's maybe a bigger problem than any one school or schooling system, could ever hope to tackle. Maybe Schools aren't worth the risks they have no hope of mitigating 🤔   Will a bigger House make us happier?   Tarot Card Readings (magic or not, you decide!)  Projected Twin fund-raises $1000+ toward manufacturing costs of the new album in less than 48 hours!    Streamed and recorded LIVE every Monday 10am (ACST)  –  Audio podcast also available on Spotify, Apple and ANCHOR! (Leave us a voice message! )   RSS Feed – Instagram @projectedtwin (Shaun)  @antanika.muscaria (Neeks)  –  Thank you to our Patreon Supporters! ​​​- Learn more from our Official Website  You can find Projected Twin music on Spotify Bandcamp (for bonus songs and exclusives)  Check out Antanika's work with the Australian Psychedelic Society — Send in a voice message:
  1. Schools are a HUGE mistake
  2. Maybe… we shouldn't do this anymore.
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  5. When do we Shut Up?

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